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Fantasy/Scifi Fiction
Time Trilogy
in the works

Addictions, anger and other troubles far too often plague families to the degree one generation passes them down to the next. The problems grow and multiply until someone chooses to break the cycle.

Mists of Time

Their past is not her future

Erin Drake doesn’t realize she lives with a family impacted by destructive behavior; she only knows it as home, although a frustrating one since no one understands her or her passion to write. When digging into her family’s history for a school assignment, Erin uncovers more questions than answers. Things take an unexpected turn when a mysterious time portal thrusts her back in time and she see her family’s past first hand. Erin’s understanding of her life suddenly alters  and her encounters challenge what she believes to be true about faith, family and fate.

Echoes in Time

Her choice continues their destiny

Twenty-five years earlier, Erin’s mom, young Nadya Macey, deplores her family’s move from her beloved home in town to a farm in the country. Isolated from friends and continually exposed to her father’s violent temper, she plots to escape her wretched new life. Unknown to her, the three young visitors who show up on the farm, bringing welcome friendship, have come through a mysterious time portal. As each one of her schemes falls apart, their questions and curiosity only further convince Nadya her happiness lies elsewhere.

Their future depends on her choice

Truths through Time

Years later, Erin’s daughter, young Abigail, visits her grandmother for the summer.  She feels abandoned and rejected by her deployed parents and blames her mother’s absence on the very faith her mother embraces.  Abigail experiences the same mysterious time portal her mother and grandmother did and a glimpse into the future brings Abigail face to face with the consequences of her own choices.

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