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So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Welcome! I'm so excited you've dropped in. I'm assuming that you'd like a little update on the books I'm working on. I really do have so many ideas and it seems like there's so little time to work on them all. Because, you know, we need to sleep, eat, my husband likes to travel (I like to travel) and well, there's life. But. One idea at a time.

As you probably noticed, the books I have available for purchase on Amazon are my five photo devotionals in my Be Still series. The sixth is underway and planned for release this November, just like the release of the past five books.

I'm excited to announce that one of my short stories from my Peddler Tales has been accepted for publication. Once I received the marketing information, I will post it at the top of my website. I've written other Tales and have future plans to submit them for publication in other anthologies and publications. One day, as I'm able, I'd love to publish all of them in my own anthology. When I do, I'll be sure to let you know. If you'd like to receive future "snippets" from the Tales, sign up for my newsletter.

I finally typed "the end" for Rielle's story in my first book of the Space Trilogy. The working title is Sound of the Sun. It needs some rewrites and editing and is marinating right now while I work I the sixth photo devotional. During a writer's fit over Rielle's story, I actually wrote half of Jordyn's story in the second book. Tamara's story is still in concept form, but as I finish up Jordyn's, I have a feeling Tamara will begin to take shape as well. I'm still playing around with working titles for both Jordyn's story and Tamara's story. I have some ideas, but nothing quite "fits" yet.

I also have several other series that I'd like to pull out of the proverbial drawer. The first book of my Time Trilogy, Mists of Time, is actually complete. But. I call it my angsty first novel. Because it really is. And the second one, Echoes in Time is about 75% written. The third book, Truths for all Time, has a loose outline. If I ever pull them out, I'll be sure to let you know.

Finally, I have the first series, The Chronicles of Or, in which I've dumped over a hundred thousand words. It was my exploratory series. I've apologized to my writer's group for putting them through those initial pages as I learned the craft of writing. (And I've apologized for the angsty Mists book as well.) That one may or may not see the light of day again. If it does, I'll be sure to let you know.

That's it for now. Again, thanks for dropping by. In the coming months, I'll provide updates on the next Be Still book.

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